Thursday, April 30, 2009

Truths and lies about Macedonia - Part 2

Before i begin my article which is a continuation of the homonymous first one, i would like to make a small attempt in order to understand Risto Stefov. It was impossible for me to restrain myself of doing so, when i read Stefov´s last article the outrageous and unsubstantiated claim that "Greek propagandists are revising ancient history" or something along those lines.
Mr.Stefov, i´m sure you have heard of the old Greek proverb: "Don´t talk about ropes in the house of the hanged man" and fits perfectly in your case. If you pretend not to understand what i am talking about, i remind you that the one who was caught distorting blatantly historical books of well known authors was not a Greek:
So much about the bad "Greek propagandists" and their "revision of history". But i would never expect from someone who lacks in what we Greeks say "filotimo", in order to avoid falsely accusing his opponents of what he is actually committing himself.
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