Friday, April 3, 2009


Ο τύπος αντί να ντρέπεται και να τρέξει να κρυφτέι νιώθει περήφανος που παρουσίασε το καλύτερα κρυμμένο μυστικό του κόσμου!!!

Πηγή: History of Macedonia
Niče Dimovski, Director of the Famous FYROMian Fascist Public Service Video, Speaks in His Defense
A press conference by Niče Dimovski, director of the public service spot “Makedonska molitva” (”Macedonian Prayer”, see: ) containing Pseudomacedonian racial supremacist themes and blasphemies, in which the author justifies his project. Dimovski ends his conference with a bizarre statement: “Towards the end of month March, as I promised to the Macedonian people of mine, I shall reveal the greatest true secret in the World and I shall bring the whole World at bowing in Macedonia, precisely like it is written in the prayer”.

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