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Historical facts about Macedonia

Πηγή: Το Μακεδονικό Ζήτημα Σήμερα

1688 - Geographical Dictionary by Edmund Bohun, published in

1714 - Jesuit missionaries about Macedonians of Thessalonike

1824-1892 Sir George Campbell, , The races, religions, and institutions of Turkey and the neighboring countries

1834- The Museum of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art -

1854 - Handbook for travellers :describing the Ionian islands,the kingdom of Greece,the islands of the Aegean Sea with Albania,Thessaly and Macedonia” -

1860 - L’empire de Turquie,by Xavier Heuschling,

1863-,Brace Charles Loring. The races of the old world :a manual of ethnology,.

1869- Researches in the highlands of Turkey -

1897-1903 Anti-Macedonian Struggle,

1901- The Edinburgh Review

1903- Macedonian folklore () Abbott, G. F.

1904- Henry Bernard - shade of the Balkans: being a collection of Macedonian folksongs and proverbs,

1909- Turkey in transition () Abbott, G. F.

1910 -Peter Roberts - Immigrant races in North America -

1910 -William Zebina Ripley - The races of Europe :a sociological study -

1912- Isaac Aaronovich Hourwich - Immigration and labor. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons,

1912-13 -The war correspondence of Leon Trotsky,the Balkan wars

1912-The American Review of Reviews Causes of the Balkan Wars

1913- American Foreign Relations

1913- Turkey and the Eastern question ([]) Macdonald, John, M. A

1916 -Forty Years in Constantinople by Edwin Pears

1927-,Makedonien landshafts und kulturbilder

1946- Document of 1946 reveals

1965 NYTimes - The Yugoslav Nation

2006 -Nigel Guy wilson , Encyclopedia of Ancient World ()
Alexander The Great Biography- The Path to Deification

Ancient Macedonian Toponymies

Bolsaya Sovetskaya Encyclopaedia about ancient Macedonian ethnicity

British Museum - Dictionary of Ancient Egypt

Eugene Borza as regards Macedonian and Ancient Macedonian connection.

Foreign Newspapers about Macedonia Part II

Goce Delchev

Yane Sandanski

Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups about Macedonians

Macedonian Freedom

Macedonians Vs Carnegie Commission

Makedonika I: The Ancient Macedonian Testimonies (Archaeological Sources)

Modern Historians about ancient Macedonia - Mark Grossman

Modern Historians about Macedonia - Nicholas G. L. Hammond

“National Histories, Natural States” by Robert Shannan Peckam

National History and Eugene Borza

Rare documents about Macedonia through History

Sources about St’ Cyrillos & Methodios - Cyril & Methodius Macedonian Ethnicity


The Arnaiz-Villena Theory: Explained PART I

The Arnaiz-Villena Theory: Explained PART II

Time Magazine Archives

Timeline of World History by John B. Teeple
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