Saturday, January 31, 2009

What happened to Vasil Gligorov

Μύνημα ηλεκτρονικού ταχυδρομείου της κ. Νινας Γκατζούλη, Ύπατη Πρόοδρο της Παμμακεδονικής.

Λetter to Europarliamentarians about a philhellene's from FYROM arrest. His name is Vasilije Gligorijevic.

To: Euro Parliamentarians

Dear Euro Deputies,

With extreme sadness we were informed of an apparent arrest of Mr. Vasil Gligorov aka Vasko Gligorijevic in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (the FYROM). Reportedly on January 28, 2009 the FYROM police charged into Mr. Grigorovic’s apartment where they possibly arrested him because of his activist actions that were devoted to improve Slavic-Greek friendship through advancement of historiographic and anthropological studies about Slavs and Hellenes, as well as the various aspects of their mutual cultural and political relations. He is a strong criticizer of “Pseudomacedonism” and one of the leading members of the Slavic Philhellenic Network.

This alleged government-supported action is a case of extreme fascism and runs contrary to this State’s aspirations to enter the European Union and NATO. In any free democratic society, voices such as Mr. Gligorov’s cannot and must not be suppressed. If these allegations are factual, the FYROM must immediately release Mr. Gligorov without harm and continue to find a way of dispensing its communistic past actions that have resulted in ill treatment of its minorities and dangerous irredentist behavior towards all of its neighbors.

We hope that the astonishing and boundless attempts of this small Balkan nation of historical revisionism and its attempts to suppress free voices such as Vasko’s should not go without your concerned notice. The FYROM leadership’s eerie fascist performance was also recently exposed when they promoted an approximately nine minute video, “Prayer”, on their National TV channel where God himself tells the people of the FYROM that “he had populated the earth with three races of people, the white race or Macedonoids, the yellow race or Mongoloids and the black race or Negroids, while all other people in the world were mulattos”. These extreme racial beliefs, which are depicted to be coming from “God”, seem to be even beyond those of Hitler's who never claimed that God himself told him that his people belong to the white race…

Our Association is a USA based organization; however, our members with origins in Macedonia, the northern province of Greece, and many also citizens of Greece are therefore citizens of the European Union. Moreover, when a misfortune occurs, such as Mr. Grigorov’s then it becomes the business of all peace-loving nations on earth.


Nina Gatzoulis - President
Maria Hatzinakos - Secretary

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